Male Escort Berlin

As the historical capital of Germany, Berlin has been through many changes over the years that help make it one of the most diverse and distinct capitals in all of Europe. Sitting in the North East of Germany on the River Spree, Berlin offers visitors a beautiful city full of museums, entertainment and natural areas which is also a hub for culture, politics, science and electronic discoveries.

Berlin is full of diverse opportunities, and what better place than this to hire a male escort for sightseeing adventures like the Brandenburg Gate, the Potsdamer Platz, or the East Side Gallery, an open air venue with paintings on the last standing pieces of the Berlin Wall. When the infamous wall finally came down, a reunited Berlin once again reigned as the capital city of Germany, and its varied history is still on display to this day.

Museum Island is located on the River Spree and is home to 5 museums, and Berlin also boasts the Kurfurstendamm which is an array of luxury stores, making perfect day trips for you and a call boy to meet and greet, either before a function or as a date; the choice is yours.

Berlin has long been known for its vibrant nightlife, with clubs, bars and lounges not having set closing times on the weekends, parties can and do go on all night long, sometimes all weekend long, depending on the bar. The underground and counterculture scene is also alive and well, allowing fans of all styles of music from disco to punk to techno to ‘old skool’ opportunities to party the nights away. Gigolos in the area will know the best clubs and parties to attend, taking you wherever you wish to be. Gay or straight, Berlin is known for its amazing clubs, festivals and bars and as a center for popular culture, you know you will always be on the cutting edge of the next big thing.

Your male escort in Berlin can also be just as versed in the more culturally significant aspects of the city, like the 3 major opera houses, jazz festivals and the like. If you are a sports fan, Berlin offers two teams in the Bundesliga for professional soccer (football) and there are multitudes of bicycling and boating opportunities that abound as well. Because Premium G only has the best gigolos on file, finding the one perfect for you and your function is a breeze. Whether you are new to the city or a resident, having a male escort allows you the confidence that you may not otherwise have navigating the city alone.